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Leonard Solicitors LLP was founded in 1990 as Leonard & Swain, and is one of the south of England’s leading firms of litigation solicitors, and has been representing both private individuals and businesses for over twenty years. We continue to offer Legal Aid, where available, and aim to provide a reliable, professional and cost effective legal service.

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Legal Aid, Hourly  & Fixed Fees

The regulations in relation to Legal Aid provision changed on 1 April 2013. Since that date, access to Legal Aid has been restricted for private law children, immigration and housing cases. Legal Aid is always available (and is non means and merits tested) if you are the parent of a child who has been removed from your care by a Local Authority (Care Proceedings). In almost every other circumstance, Legal Aid is means and merits tested. When legal aid is not available, we offer our client hourly rate fees or fixed fees depending on the case.

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